A revolutionary approach to RF lesion making. Designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art innovative product for physicians.

Diros OWL® TridentTM Cannulae

Perpendicular approach similar to MBB
User can inject when tines are deployed or retracted
Larger lesion
Trident tip visible under fluoro and ultrasound

Revolutionizing the way RF ablation is performed

Diros OWL® RF TridentTM Cannulae allow the user to limit the approach to a nerve such as the medial branch to a single step, perpendicular approach, very much the same as an anesthetic block of this nerve. Once the TridentTM Cannula’s tip has reached the nerve, 3 tines are easily deployed from the tip by simple manipulation of the handle. The tine configuration is pyramid-like, resulting in a similar pyramid shaped lesion whose large base encompasses the nerve.

Diros OWL® RF TridentTM Cannulae are manufactured using medical grade stainless steel, insulated except at its tip, and pre-formed curved Nitinol for the tines, creating an assembly designed for ease of use to innovatively produce a unique lesion at the cannula’s bare tip.

Offered in 18 Gauge with a 5mm active tip.

The Diros OWL® RF TridentTM Cannulae decrease costs, eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, and are individually packaged/ sterilized and offered in a box of 10 pieces.